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SAS vs. R which one to choose?
  • January 3, 2016
  • by Diksha Deo
  • Statistics, SAS, R Language

Here we are targeting SAS and R as they presently dominate the programming language selections within the statistics field. It has been detected that there's a displeasing trend in this R is being employed heavily in world that looks to be at odds with what's happening inside business wherever SAS is primarily used. But the mastery of each package is important to a young person’s success as every language plays a vital role in analysis. So taking a 1 sided preference for either computer code supported common misconceptions will an ill service to students and desires to be addressed. Statistical simulations tend to be performed a lot with R than with SAS. This is due to the difference in generating the reports and analytics of SAS for executing the simulations.

Every statistician is aware of that there may be other ways to write down code to accomplish a given task. For example, Programs Square written a lot of expeditiously than others, and a few techniques could also be easier to utilize than others. It uses many updated technologies in SAS that applied mathematics programmers from alternative languages appear to possess nonetheless to get as a result of they're not keeping current with computer code. Graphics square measure an honest example of a district SAS has been quickly excelling in, nonetheless many folks square measure unaware of those new advances in order that they continue R alone only for its own distinctive graphics.

Another example of a district of SAS that's somewhat unknown is that the risk and simple writing functions or procedures, that may be a strength of R. The procedures in SAS square measure completely written and have stellar documentation and school support; but a replacement user may not perceive the tools that square measure accessible or perhaps grasp they exist. To boot, SAS has glorious coaching courses, net primarily based and user cluster based resources, and an excessiveness of books on a good sort of subjects. Knowing regarding these technologies and tools, and the way to use them fitly will ease a number of the concern of exploitation SAS.

We see the answer to the R vs. SAS discussion as three-fold. First, we want to grasp as an applied mathematics programming community that there's no clear winner. Each package has their strengths and weaknesses. They have to co-exist and that we in world additionally ought to teach them as they co-exist. Students are higher served in their degrees if they will explore their choices and be able to use their skills as applicable.

In this age of computing complicated ways may be disbursed with the suitable data and computer code. Ways of sampling and simulation square measure helpful teaching tools to students learning applied mathematics ideas. Not solely R results are necessary however the committal towards writing is moreover important so as to make sure understanding of the methodology. Every applied mathematics computer code package has strengths and weaknesses; but the planet of simulation mustn't exclude SAS, as several lecturers believe. Future insights into simulations run with these computer code packages may embody associate examination of runtime and potency to create a lot of careful comparisons. This may be a noteworthy next step towards Simulation industry.   

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